Let’s start over


I’ve been overly delinquent in keeping up with the content on this blog. Today I checked in for the first time in weeks and saw a little stat that blew me away “130 hits.” Really? I’m no Seth Godin or Gary Vaynerchuk, but I am flattered that my writing has gotten even that much attention. It’s a blip, maybe even 90% from spam spiders, but it’s reason enough for me to start contributing on a more routine basis.

My previous posts (few as they were) have been a little laboring to write; maybe read, too. I’m going to stick to a shorter format and hopefully be inspired enough to write at least a couple entries a week. Speaking of which, I just downloaded the WP app for Blackberries, here. What better way to spend my round trip on those crowded, tension-riddled NJ Transit buses?

So, thanks for reading. Sorry to have left some of you hanging.

.. Jay …


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