Long time no see


As promised in the post I just published 15 seconds ago, I’ve committed to doling out some fresh content as often as possible. Weird.. with the great following “ASAP” has, why hasn’t anyone adopted “AOAP?” Anyway.

So my last post was on Oct 19th. Sad. But I have a great excuse! I mean, this is a blog about breaking free and building something of your own, right? Well that’s exactly what I went and did.

So keep this quiet.. I’m still working my day job which is paying the bills to build my new business. *Disclaimer: I still shed blood and sweat at my current job and I value the people and experience, I suppose. My heart is simply in another place. That place is my new baby, FastenSoft.

So it’s not the NSA or anything, but I’m going to keep the details to a minimum while I’m still in bootstrapping, 20-hour-work-day, meetings-in-Subway-with-my-web-vendor-during-lunch-hour, start-up mode. Long story short, I formed a company that will host an online retail site for purchasing everything related to fasteners. What are fasteners you’re asking. Nuts, bolts, screws, nails, etc. OK, that’s boring. But it will eventually offer SO much more than just a place to shop for Carriage Bolts. I really think I’ll be solving a problem (a few of them) for DIY’ers and contractors, alike. Still boring? Maybe, but I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m learning. From marketing to social media, web analytics, website development (although I kinda do that for a living, sorta), sales, accounting, the list goes on. If you read about entrepreneurship, I’m sure you’ve encountered countless mentions of authors stating how their business is so much more than selling “buttons.” And it’s true. There is so much that goes into it which I was not equipped for, and I’ll tell you what … I love it.

The name of the site is FastenFinder.com. Yes, I finally decided. Actually, I had started with another domain name when, today, I fired my web vendor. Oh, but that’s a story for another day. How about tomorrow?

See ya then.


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