This should be fun


I started this blog thinking it would be my personal sounding board to bestow my grand insights of what it means to be an entrepreneur. A place to share my adventures of building my first business. Really? Interesting things happens to me every day, but few have anything to do with me starting my company. And who in their right mind would want to read about shit like that? It’s just me spending an inordinate amount of time juggling three jobs. I love what I’m doing, but it’s not exactly E! True Hollywood Story material.

My business launching. Holding a company-sponsored event and donating the proceeds to charity. Converting an angry customer into a staunch, viral  supporter. Making someone’s life better because of my hard work. Losing everything and starting again. These are things worth talking about. So once I get there, I’ll share. Until then, I’m not going to square-peg-round-hole this blog into some platform to shout career advice from. I mean, c’mon .. not that money equals success, but 80% of  my income still originates from the day job I’m trying to graduate out of. What do I know about going out on your own? In fact, I have no idea what this blog will eventually turn into. I’m only a dozen posts deep and my audience is probably limited to two types of readers: recruiters that received version 2 (the “secret version”) of my resume with a link to this blog, or Facebook friends who did a suspicious amount of profile trolling to discover my WordPress account. But seriously, thank you for reading, even if you didn’t.

So for now, I’m turning this blog on its head (whatever that means). The one gift I can share, without limits, is humor. I think. Let’s give it a shot, because honestly, I’d rather enjoy myself in writing three posts a week about things that will make people laugh, cry, love or hate me, than one post a month that feels like homework.

I owe this mini-awakening to Penelope Trunk who reminded me to write from your heart or don’t waste your time.

I’m curious.. if you have a blog and it feels like home, how did you get there?


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