Tomorrow is here


Today didn’t begin when I opened my eyes at 6:30 this morning. Today started almost a year ago. On a Summer night where I called my Dad and ran a half-baked idea by him. Always encouraging, he listened and we talked it through for a good hour. The wheels were in motion, and today was born.

It’s 11 months later and today has come to an end with that idea coming to life. My website,, is officially live.

Of course I never thought today would last this long or cost me that much money, but the experience has been immeasurable and the mistakes spine-stiffening yet well-received.

And then there’s the love and support from my family and friends… you know, even before this was all in motion, I sat outside one night last Spring and read a book called Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim. The chapter that night was setting the stage for the cynics to enter your life — criticizing and remarking about how foolish it would be to leave behind your corporate life to venture off on your own.

Not once. Not a peep of skepticism. It’s been nothing but enthusiasm and encouragement and belief in my vision. Maybe I’m lucky. Maybe it was good timing since every other person I know lost their job this year, including me. Actually, I know I’m fortunate, because not only has everyone around me been amazing, but my development team has done more to make my business a reality than I could have ever asked for. Thank you Ionut and everyone at Realnet.

Thanks Dad for convincing me I couldn’t fail, not to mention all those late night and weekend hours. Thanks Mom for thinking I’m capable of things only a Mom would believe. Thanks Jen for always showing interest in your kid brother’s crazy ideas. Thanks Jason Jr. for being so damn cute. And, of course, thanks to Maritza.. my most outspoken fan, best and first customer and (one day) my marketing director. 8^0   I love you all.

I’m ready for tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow is here

  1. Your writing continues to impress me to the point of breathlessness at times, and today the tears flowed again as I read your post. Your vision is now a reality, and I wish you all the luck in the world as your company grows to its fullest potential. Wow, what an awesome accomplishment! All the sleepless nights, the hours of planning and preparation, the undoing and redoing — it’s all paid off. Give yourself a big high-five and remember to always take time to smell the roses. Love ‘ya! P.S. If Maritza doesn’t want the marketing director job, I’ll take it when I retire :o)

  2. It really is amazing just how quick the last 11 months have blown on by and how your true destiny has come to change both of our lives once again. A parent to have one child joining a family business is special but I have been blessed twice. My only wish is that this did not come sooner in life, but everyone needed there space to grow and find their way.

    I look at your creation and find myself in awe, you have travelled so many different career paths in the last 12 yrs or so and now have come full circle right back to where you goofed around as a young squirt pushing the envelope because your dad is the boss and that makes you untouchable. They were fun days.

    Well day 1 & 2 are in the books and now your true test of endurance will begin, you are more aware than most upstarts that there still is lots of work to make this dream of yours a real success, I have no doubt in my mind that your dedication to your new baby will be a complete success. Good luck! I love you son!

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