Trust Me ;)


DigitalXBridge is the IT consulting and web development firm I began a couple months back. Where I started as a one-man show doing pure tech consulting and project management, I’ve now partnered with a web shop and SEO firm to deliver “the whole package,” in terms of web and application development, anyway.

I chose the web shop because they built for me. They were committed, they over-delivered and they were always accessible. More importantly, they had a great attitude, we made each other laugh and I completely trusted them. It’s been a perfect match. I chose the SEO shop, simply because my web shop highly recommended them. So that trust in my web shop has paid dividends to the SEO shop. And now in my initial stint with the SEO firm, they are knowledgeable to the point of being data analytics freaks, they’re down-to-Earth and best of all (for me) they’re genuine people.

This week we signed our first major client based out of NYC. Turns out I had worked with the CEO, Dan, on a freelance contract previously through a mutual reference and he was now starting a new business. He let me quote on the project for two reasons: One, I over-delivered on that freelance project. Two, I really enjoyed working with him, and it showed in my effort and  interest in his project and business. That equates to him building trust in me as a person and a professional.

So earlier this week I’m sitting in a board room with Dan’s executive team. DigitalXBridge is one of several shops they are reviewing at the time, with the other shops having years of experience over us. One is even personally recommended from Dan’s COO and CTO.

I hammer them with front-page press about my background along with highlights of my web and SEO shops. And then his VP of Marketing begins prodding me about my newly formed company and partnerships and asks “Has your team actually developed anything yet for a client?” My answer, “No, you’re our first. Scary, huh?” I smile because, really, that’s all you can do in that sort of situation. And then without hesitation, Dan leans in to clear the air, “I’ve worked with Jay previously and have no reservation about his ability to deliver exceptional work. I’d like to move forward with DigitalXBridge.”

And just like that, the trust merit badge I previously earned with Dan has awarded DigitalXBridge with our first sizable contract. w00t!


3 thoughts on “Trust Me ;)

  1. congratulations on yet another major accomplishment on your maiden voyage up the ladder of success and happiness. i guess being a bit ocd plays a major factor to some of us that take that journey of the unknown in starting a business, i took your trip 30 yrs ago this august and still find Melfast my business love a complete rush everyday. you are obviously destined to be successful in any project you tackle, you are well educated, dedicated, committed, driven and focused, the time is right for you.

    i see the pride i have in you today opening your business as my father saw in me, it just took me 30 yrs to appreciate what he felt, perhaps one day jr. will carry the torch once again in the melone family tree.

    once again as half of your #1 fan club I say bravo to you, the world is yours for the taking. with the award of your first contract and a 100% satisfied customer more will follow from the best form of advertising, word of mouth, just watch…

    Good Luck Always,
    Love Ya Son.

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