I’ve caught myself saying ‘No’ a lot lately. But these are good No’s. Sometimes I’m answering others, most times I’m answering myself.

“This is just how we’re used to doing it.” .. No. Adapt or go away.

“It’s too much to think about right now.” .. No, Mr. Stall Tactic.

“Maybe I should go get an Xbox game, instead.” .. No, dummy. Aren’t you 34? (answer to that: not really)

“Are you worried about missing work when we go away?” .. No, work will always be there.

“Can you send me your latest resume?” .. Nope. If you really need one I’m not interested.

“Should it be perfect, first?” .. What?? WTF is perfect? No, man.

“Is their opinion really that important?” No.

Most of these things are time-sucks and distractions from what matters. Start saying ‘No’ and get moving.

Note: Just about the only thing I consistently fail to say no to is this boy, and his heart-wrenching smile…

I stand no chance..


2 thoughts on “No

  1. When it comes to LITTLE PEOPLE with their heart-wrenching smiles and adorable expressions (look at those eyes!), just learn to say “no” to the things that really do matter and don’t sweat the small stuff, because little people need to be happy and loved all the time. But when it comes to BIG PEOPLE that take up time and attention (you know, the ones at work), I’m going to start saying “no” a lot more often and maybe I’ll actually get some work done!! Today was another pathetic problematic, boring littany of emails and phone calls that gave me a real case of agida. I’m going to go to sleep on this thought and wake up a different person 🙂

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